Jan was 11 years old when he got his first nylon-string guitar. After a handful of guitar lessons, he soon discovered he preferred to play through ′feel′, and careful listening. Playing with friends and exchanging ideas, techniques and music, his standard of guitar playing increased dramatically. His heroes and greatest influences were amongst others, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Fripp, Steve Hacket, Jeff Beck, Steve Cropper and Chuck Berry.

It wasn′t until Jan was 20 years old that he bought his first electric guitar, paid for by money borrowed from his sister! At this point he had his first live performance, and in the following years he became a member of several bands, including Q′bus, Mac Taple, The Backbones and Buckshot.

Over many years Jan also collaborated with close friend Ed van Otterdijk, music producer and composer, known nationally for his work with All of Us, Close II You and Re-Union, a one-off performance of Symphonic Rock in ′Noorderligt′ in Tilburg.

Huidige activiteiten

Currently he can be seen playing in the bands ′Broodje Earring′, ′L′ATTAQUE′ and ′Mac Taple′.
Jan is also an active studio session musician, and has contributed on many songs and albums.


Jan met Jed during a local school annual review of their children′s school. Jed was playing in the band. During his time on the road with the Bogus Brothers, Jed had written a number of songs which, due to commitments, were kept on a shelf with the intention to eventually record them and hopefully release them in some form or another. After his close collaboration with Jed Jones, these can now be heard on the LP ′Breaking Waves′